Samsung 850 Pro 512GB SSD

Capacity: 512GB

Interface: SATA 6GB/s

Form Factor: 2.5 inch

NAND Flash Memory: Samsugn 3-Core MEX Controller

DRAM Cache Memory: 512MB

Sequential Read: Max 550MB/s

Sequential Write: Max 520MB/s

4KB Random Read: Max 100,000 IOPS

4KB Random Write: MAX 90,000 IOPS

Security: AES 256-bit Full Disk Encryption (FDE)
                TCG/Opal v2.0, Encrypted Drive (IEEE1667)

Reliability: 2 Million Hours

Power Consumption:

    Active Read: MAX 3.5W

    Active Write: MAX 3.0W

    Idle: 0.4W

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The Martian is a sight unseen and features a lot of power in a tiny frame. Designed for gaming or a multi monitor workstation the Martian features a 4-Core Processor, 16GB of RAM and a 980 Ti Maxwell Video Card which can all be seen through the tinted tempered glass on the In Win 901 Mini ITX Tower. 

Cerberus takes the best of modern day technology with a USB 3.1 X99 Platform and 4 GTX Superclocked 980's. The Asus X99-E WS Motherboard allows all 4 cards to run at x16 for True 4-way SLI. Combined with 32GB DDR4 Memory and a i7-5690X this computer is a beast in itself.