V3 Components V3TEC120

TEC technology converts voltage into a temperature differential to enhance the cooling capabilities of a standard air cooler. V3 Voltair combines a high performance air cooler with a powerful TEC element to produce excellent cooling capabilities that rival potentially dangerous liquid cooling products.

Voltair is compatible with all of the latest CPU sockets from Intel and AMD, and its unique construction allows for the use of oversized, high-performance memory sticks in enthusiast level systems. The cooler is easy to install and the fans can be adjusted based on acoustic preferences.

Heat Dissipation: 

The Enigma features the In Win D-Frame open air chasis and a Mini ITX X99 Board with a 6-Core processor. Combined with 16GB of DDR4 Memory and a Titan X this computer packs an extensive amount of power in small frame.

The Martian is a sight unseen and features a lot of power in a tiny frame. Designed for gaming or a multi monitor workstation the Martian features a 4-Core Processor, 16GB of RAM and a 980 Ti Maxwell Video Card which can all be seen through the tinted tempered glass on the In Win 901 Mini ITX Tower.